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    recommendation service with over
    32,000 tradesmen and over 1.2 million
    jobs posted to date.



    To assist NHS clinicians with the task of
    assessing patients under the Mental
    Capacity and Mental Health Act, we built
    a highly intuitive app that guides users
    through the decision making process,
    ensuring the correct diagnosis is always


    The Czech National Symphony Orchestra
    play a trick on their audience with a very
    engaging performance.

    Face your insanity.
    For the promotion of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 game,
    together with B-Reel London we created
    an app to help you discover your own insanity!



    Remotely controlling a Sony Xperia™ T 

    embedded in a custom build roadster. 
    We can build you an app for that



    The blurry days are over! Together with
    Specsavers we developed the ultimate
    eye health advice tool.


    The perfect companion for British mums,
    3’s award winning Family Quest app makes
    family activities more exciting.


    intoGardens is powered by UBINOW’s
    proprietary publishing tool UBIContent
    that enables editors to easily upload
    content and generate enhanced reading
    experiences, with built-in m-commerce
    capabilities for tablets and mobile devices.


    Dance Off is a mobile app, part of the
    overall Cadbury advertising campaign
    that gives users the chance to
    choreograph dance moves with
    two characters.

    Promoting the release of PAUL the movie, we created
    an app to alienate yourself and share the results with
    all your friends across all social networks.


    Your definitive mobile guide to
    London’s West End!
    iTheatre helps you stay up to date
    with what’s going on in the West End.
    Whether you want to see the latest
    shows, read the latest reviews, watch a
    video clip or book your theatre tickets
    on the move, iTheatre is the answer!

    Ask and Give anything to anyone around you
    for free with the Ask and Give app.
    Ask & Give uses geolocation, age and gender
    in order to show appropriate items matching
    each user. It makes sharing anything with
    people around you very easy with the sole
    purpose of helping others, protecting the
    environment by re-using and meeting similar
    minded people in your vicinity.

    Our first photo editing app remains
    our most creative and easiest to use.
    Add unlimited text, rotate, resize and
    move freely, plus transform photos
    with a range of fonts and colours.


    An augmented reality mobile platform
    that enables brands to connect with
    sports fans in a new and engaging
    Our platform brings event tickets to life,
    by launching a mobile augmented
    reality sports game from the printed
    ticket; creating value for the fan
    before, during and after an event.

    Check out our video!
    We have been pioneers since
    the start of the mobile industry.

    We know what works and what doesn't and
    will consult you at every step.
      We offer in-house expertise
    in everything from strategy and design
    to development and testing.
      Our name is hard to pronounce
    ... by the way it is
    you be now
    Ubinow was founded by technologists
    and designers.
    We are an experienced, high-performing
    firm that has learned by building.
    Our team of smart thinkers have unique
    backgrounds and talents to solve your
    company's business problems.
    Ubinow is a collective of artists,
    creators and problem solvers that
    believe the perfect mobile experience is
    born from collaboration and the free
    exchange of ideas.
    ubiquitous and now are the two words
    behind our name and fitting enough the key
    attributes that have enabled handheld devices
    to play such an integral part in our modern lives.

    At ubinow, we focus on creating true mobile tools enabling
    people in their everyday lives as and when they choose.
    The key is to combine ideas, quality design, an intuitive
    user experience, plus a unique application of technology.